About us

About us

Purpose Beyond Law

MMA Advocates, LLP is a leading full-service Kenyan Law firm that provides clients with specialised legal services informed by diverse areas of expertise. We combine technical excellence with legal understanding to provide the best insight into legal services.

We value the exemplary, integrated and comprehensive provision of services and believe in a full client service model.  This is achieved by providing focused legal services aligned with the objectives of our corporate clients.


We are committed to supporting our clients in our practice areas where their partnership with us can bring real value

Our combined sector and practice area approach enables us to remain at the forefront of legal and commercial developments, so that we can work with our clients to identify opportunities and anticipate challenges.


Our commitment to providing consistent quality services is our driving force to partnering with major law firms in the region, in order to provide cross-border seamless transactional services to our clients across the region.


We provide more than just legal expertise: Our deep understanding of the prevailing political, social and economic circumstances enables us to provide perspective-based advice on a wide array of legal, regulatory, reputational, political and public policy issues.


We are geared for agility, efficiency and accessibility through our geographic footprint, the range of legal services we offer, and the way we structure them and how we interact with our clients.
The Team

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We bring a performance mindset and entrepreneurial energy to our work and our interactions with each other. We put our clients first and are passionately committed to service excellence by actively listening, anticipating their needs and protecting their interests with responsiveness and commerciality.