Altura Upperhill


A Rare Vision

Inspired by the effortless hum of life in this iconic suburb, Altura has been crafted with passion, artistry and timeless style. Its prominent location and visibility on the corner of Ralph Bunche Road and Argwings Kodhek calls for a contemporary and confident design that makes a statement, while complementing the architectural landscape.

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Altura Upperhill

From the grandeur of its architecture to the exquisite beauty of its smallest interior detail, there is much to admire about Altura. Situated in the absolute heart of Upperhill, Altura’s shimmering towers will incorporate a variety of residences, a luxury health and fitness club, a selection of ground-floor retail and the convenience of having the best of Nairobi on your doorstep

Enjoy Alturas buzzing retail offering, providing residents and the local community with a mix of gourmet dining, cafes, fast-food, health and beauty services and convenient supermarket shopping. The retail offering will enhance Alturas street presence and complement the ground floor lounge as a vibrant, socially interactive place to meet, greet and gather.